Results of 14th Abdus Salams Science Fair 2022

Award Position Name Grade Category Youtube project link Project Title Location
    Abu Ali Sina Group      
1st Eliza Mahrus Hadi Grade 5-8 (Girls) Salt Water Fuel Cell Vaughan, Ontario
2nd Ayeza Shehzad Grade 5-8 (Girls) The Science Behind Tsunamis Winnipeg, Manitoba
3rd Shayesta Nadeem Grade 5-8 (Girls) Can Coverings Over Plants Differ Plant Growth? Durham, Ontario
     Al-Khwarizmi Group      
1st Fateh Zimraan Hadi Grade 5-8 (Boys) Electric Motors – Electricity and Magnetism Vaughan, Ontario
2nd Faaris Sheraz Grade 5-8 (Boys) Maglev Train Calgary, Alberta
3rd Abshar Ahmed Grade 5-8 (Boys) Wireless Electrical Machine Brampton, Ontario
    Jabir Ibn Hayyan Group      
1st Nida Un-Nasar Grade 9-12 (Girls) Electrolytes in Sports Drinks or other healthier option Brampton, Ontario
2nd Aroosa Saleh Grade 9-12 (Girls) Can water float on water? Calgary, Alberta
3rd Simran Malik Grade 9-12 (Girls) Memories & Testimonies – The Neuroscience of Memory Calgary, Alberta
    Ibn Al-Haytham Group      
1st Ausaf Mirza Grade 9-12 (Boys) Bicycle Generator Mississauga, Ontario
2nd Daanish Mehmood Grade 9-12 (Boys) PH Scales Brampton, Ontario
3rd Noor-ud-Din Chaudry Grade 9-12 (Boys) Hearing Voices from the past Vaughan, Ontario