Project Submission Guidelines









The following guidelines should be kept in mind while participating in the 14th Annual Abdus Salam Science (2022)

There are four (4) groups/categories students may participate in the Science Fair:

  • Al-Khwarizmi – Boys (Grade 5-8)
  • Ibn Al-Haytham – Boys (Grade 9-12)
  • Abu Ali Sina – Girls (Grade 5-8)
  • Jabir Ibn Hayyan – Girls (Grade 9-12)

Each of the four groups will be judged separately and for each group, top 3 positions and a consolation prize for 4th & 5th position will be awarded. The winners will be announced in a live awards ceremony on March 6, 2022 at 2 pm.

The science fair is open for participation for students from throughout Canada.

  1. All students wishing to participate in the upcoming Abdus Salam Science Fair 2021 will need to prepare and submit a video of their project presentation.
  2. Project Video length should not exceed 5 minutes – including any titles or end-notes that the student wishes to include in the video.
  3. Project Video can be in any format, preferably MP4 – 720p or 1080p and preferred size of file should be less than 30 MB.
  4. Project Video may include text, images, video of the project itself and a presentation of the project in person or voice over or a combination of more of these elements. View sample video projects from last year’s Abdus Salam Science Fair here
  5. Students are encouraged to browse science projects from previous years of Abdus Salam Science Fair to get ideas and inspirations. However, students should not repeat any of the previously submitted projects entirely. Judges will deduct marks if a complete copy of a previous year's project has been presented. An idea could be born from a former project, but the student should present something new or somewhat different from what was already done by a former student.
  6. If your science project does not constitute a physical set up, material, apparatus or equipment and contains only text, data and images, you may display directly on the video with the use of any video editing software, or display the material on display boards and shoot a video of the displays with yourself in the video or with your voice over.
  7. Student(s) should him/herself present the project. For the group projects, all students of the project should somehow take part in the presentation of the project in the video (either by taking turns or by introducing all the participants).
  8. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, if a group of students cannot be together to work on a group project, then they can divide the work and shoot separate portions of the presentation video. Then one project leader should combine into one video that should not exceed 5 minutes in length.
  9. In general, the student project video should include:
    • Student(s) name, grade and school
    • Title of science project
    • Short description of the basic concepts of science involved in the project
    • Project exhibition (visual and/or oral) and explanation (see #11 for details)
  10. A comprehensive guide to how your project presentation will be marked is provided here. In general, your science project will be considered virtuous and worthy if it contains the following elements:
    • A hypothesis or project design that is clear based on a study, and/or observation.
    • An experimental procedure that is effective in testing the hypothesis, or an innovative design that is an effective solution to the problem posed, or a study designed to produce significant new insights.
    • Results and conclusions that are clear, logical and relevant to the project.
    • A clear discussion of any experimental results, design or data analysis.
    • Any carefully considered suggestions for extending the project in the future.
  11. A demonstration of the deep knowledge of the scientific principles involved.
  12. A careful extrapolation from what was learned to the subject.
  13. Prefer to use landscape mode (if using mobile phones or devices) while shooting your video. You may edit your video before uploading.
  14. Deadline of registration for the Abdus Salam Science Fair 2022 is by Feb 22, 2022 (midnight). LATE submissions will not be accepted. (If however, you face technical difficulties to upload the video presentation by the deadline, you should submit the registration form before the deadline and check the appropriate box on the registration form, indicating you are experiencing technical difficulties in uploading the video. A member of the Science Fair team will try to contact you as soon as possible. Students can also contact if they face technical difficulty uploading the video presentation).
  15. Students will have the option to replace their previously submitted video, as long as the final submission date of their project video is met by Feb 22, 2022 (midnight)
  16. On March 06, 2022 all video presentations of all student projects will be made public on the Science Fair website and YouTube channel for public to view, comment or like.
  17. Panel of Judges will also be provided with the respective video projects and their review and grading. Judges will grade the project videos of different categories according to the Judging criteria and rubrics announced. The Judges assigned to your project may contact the student to ask any questions or obtain further information while judging their projects. Hence it is important to provide a phone number (and alternate phone number) in the registration form where students can easily be reached if needed by the judges.
  18. The final results of position holders of different categories of the Abdus Salam Science Fair 2022 will be announced in a Virtual Ceremony on Sunday, March 06, 2022.The virtual ceremony will be broadcasted live at