2022 Science Fair Deadlines

  1. All student participants must submit a video of their project following the video project submission guideline listed below before Feb 22, 2022 (midnight) deadline to be eligible for participation and judgment of their science project in any of the four categories.
  2. LATE submissions will not be accepted. (If however, you face technical difficulties to upload the video presentation by the deadline, you should submit the registration form before the deadline and check the appropriate box on the registration form, indicating you are experiencing technical difficulties in uploading the video. A member of the Science Fair team will try to contact you as soon as possible. Students can also contact assfproject@abdussalamsciencefair.com if they face technical difficulty uploading the video presentation).
  3. Students will have the option to replace their previously submitted video, as long as the final submission date of their project video is met by Feb 22, 2022 (mid-night)
  4. Winning projects from each of the 4 categories will be shown virtually during the live stream of the awards ceremony on March 6, 2022 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.